Friday, 26 February 2016

Borough market

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What better place to go to catch up with a friend,than a place full of delicious food and drinks. Despite the rainy January day,the view of the shard and the smell of baked goods managed to put a smile on our faces immediately. So we hopped on the tube to London bridge and grabbed ourselves a hot latte and let our noses lead us in the gates of the market.......

Borough market is great as it caters for everyone whether your following a vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/dairy free/no diet at all diet their will be something that tickles your fancy.

This being my first visit to the market.I didn't really know what to expect as on the weekends, its a popular attraction by tourists and locals.I went on a weekday so missed the big crowds however the atmosphere is great full of foodies discovering amazing cuisines.

I opted for a break ahead doughnut which I had spotted on Instagram and it was love at first sight .... Oozing honeycomb cream filling spilling out of the sugary doughnut with a generous serving of home made honeycomb to finish the dessert of.(Licks lips as insert image below)


You could easily fill your boots with all the delicious free samples which do have I must say a take one sample only sign but sometimes you cant help yourself and take two or maybe three, especially when it comes to the salted honey cashews.

There is also a before I die chalkboard hiddin in the hustle and bustle of the market,which i had wanted to check out.If you love food and enjoy London town then I recommend taking a stroll around the market,even in your lunch hour.

Whats your favourite treat?

 Carla xoxo