Thursday, 27 December 2018

Am I too much?

Am I too much ?

Am I ok ?

He’s not good for me but I’m still crazy about him.

The thought makes me act how I don’t like.Am I going psycho ?

Some people really aren’t good for your health.

What am I doing? Why ? I know it’s wrong. I know it’s bad but that doesn’t stop me.Honestly girl you are worth more than feeling like this. 

Stop it girl.Get over it.Grow and move on.

Just want some clarification,then I’ll get on with me.

Boy oh boy you did it again 


Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Here’s to putting us first!

“Nothing breaks like the heart-nothings going to save us now” 

Finding myself in my room in the dark listening to a breakup playlist crying my heart out.Not even had a break up but just needed some emotional girl love songs as I’m so over guys for the last time.

2019 is my year for knowing my worth!! Which for all of us girls is more than we ever know and is limitless.

22 and still getting sucked into the lies of immature worthless guys.There the worthless ones who don’t appreciate you and don’t you ever think less than that.

My time is precious and it’s mine! To not be spent on people who aren’t willing to use there time.

Something i don’t seem to get “if someone wanted to talk to you or be in your life,they’d make an effort”.

Fucking feelings aye! Need to start taking things as they are in the moment and nothing more.

Here to putting us first!

Carla xoxo

Friday, 19 October 2018

He’s not that great!

How to tell yourself that a guy doesn’t give a fuck about you ..... if he did he’d make an effort to call.

“Listen here you beautiful bitch.Stop crying over a fuck boy who doesn’t give a shit about you and find yourself a real man who will make you the centre of his entire fucking world.”

Stop giving a damn about the guy who doesn’t give a damn about you 

If your not on his mind,he shouldn’t be on yours 

He’s not that great

You are better and worth so much more 

I’m sorry but he doesn’t give a shit about you! So move on and stop wasting energy and precious time 

You already know the truth 

Realise .... you did nothing wrong 

You are a badass sassy queen stay strong and put you first 💁🏻‍♀️😘