Thursday, 28 August 2014

What I Got Up To In Santorini

Yassou (hello in Greek) I recently go back from my family vacation ,I have always dreamed about visiting Santorini.In postcards,adverts and magazine it looks so magical with the white and blue architect and all the little hotels on the mountains.

Here are some of my adventures I had whilst in Santorini,Greece 

Donkeys and Cable cars - Big big mistake, in Fira you can either get a cable car or a donkey or walk down the trek to get to the bottom of the port. Silly or shall I say stupid us decided to walk down the thousands of steps not realizing how long it was. Which happened to take a whole hour of us walking in a' hot hot hot' temperature along side about 70 donkeys whilst being careful not to slip on donkey wee or poop and holding on for dear life every step you took.

This is going to sounds so gobbledegook to you but  honestly when I reached the bottom of the 'trek' if you can even call it that. I was so relieved and felt like I had ran a marathon,in all serious ness I had never been so hot and sweaty in my 17 years of life.

Advice for you all if you ever happen to find yourself in Fira 'GET A CABLE CAR DOWN AND UP' ! I am not even exaggerating a few people did fall and one lady had to be carried as she fell and damaged her ankle.

Finally when we were down  we got a cable car back up and what took us an hour to walk down took us not even 5 minutes to get back up .

 Louyo you bae - I absolutely love frozen yogurt and the thought of getting one once I had finished the trek was the only thing keeping me sane.

In the UK we haven't really picked up on the frozen yogurt craze yet but whenever I do see a  Fro yo store I don't even hesitate.

I definitely recommend you trying this Greek frozen yogurt if you ever go to Greece.Because it is super yummy !

Fish Spa -Cue super embarrassing face pulling (hides behind hands)there a  few fish spa places scattered around Santorini and when I saw kissing fish - Oia ,I just had to go in because if you didn't know the kardashian girls had their feet done whilst on vacation too !!! 

I am getting overly excited writing this blog 1,2,3 and breathe .we used to have these in the UK but a lot of them were banned but YOLO as I am such a  rebel I went and had it done.

it was such a strange feeling the fish don't have teethe so it doesn't hurt it was sort of tiggilish and strange.i dint notice any difference to my feet but the owner said 10 minutes for fun ,20 minutes for difference.Personally I don't think I could have coped with 20 minutes but i am glad i experience it.

Jett ski drama -  So whilst on Kamari beach my Dad,Sister and Myself decided to go on a three person jet ski.Just to add this was my first time on a jet ski and probably going to me my last.
We nearly tipped up twice in the middle of the sea and then after our 10 minutes of me and my Sister holding on to each other and screaming,we were heading back to shore when ................ the jet ski tipped up and off we fell off into  the sea,thank god we had life jackets on.

we are all good swimmers but as i was so shocked after being reassured this would not  happen,i started to Panic and couldn't breathe .i felt like i was having  a mini panic attack .my dad got back on the jet ski but every time i tried it capsized again so i told my dad to go back. a man came and saved my sister and everyone abandoned me and i had to swim back to shore ,bearing in mind i was the youngest..It felt like a Simon inbetweeners moment

This would have also been a perfect go pro situation

More advice for you don't go on a three person jet ski they are really  made for two .

overall,I had a fantastic time in Santorini and it really is more magical than in postcards, it should be on many bucket lists as is a breath taking place and I  will deffo be going back in the future.

did you have an holiday dramas ?

Love Carla x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Make Up Rumours / First Impressions

Makeup Rumours Kindly gave me a £10 voucher to spend on their online shop.I hadn't discovered the brand before so was eager to browse there website,and was amazed to discover that many of their product  were only  £1 ! After a long time browsing I chose some products I thought I would be able to create makeup looks with.

The website was super easy to navigate and I loved that their lipsticks shades are in separate categories.The delivery was also quick ,however I  was on Holiday when my package arrived so had to wait 10 days to get my hands on the delights.

 shade  3,12,13,17,19 not in order - sorry I couldn't find the correct shade order

  There is  no such thing as too many lipsticks,I chose mine depending on my mood .I picked up five.But seeing as they were only £1 there's no need to t feel guilty.
I wasn't sure what to expect but don't judge before you try.

They're super glossy,moisturising and easy to apply ,the swatches don't do the lipsticks justice.They also have such a great range of colours and they last for a really long time.My Favorite is the fourth one and I  only wish I had discovered it for the summer as it is such a shiny coral.They also taste slightly minty which I like however that may just be me being strange.

 Dazzle Eye shadow Palette in shade 1- £1
 This palette is great for creating an evening smokey eye and its really pigmented and has no fall down which is a big bonus.I cant believe this palette is only a pound.

Glitz Eyes Shadows Palette shade 1 - £1
I was so happy with this palette ,the colours as so beautiful and glittery,I look forward to creating a look with this product.

 Pressed Powder in shade Satin -£1
 First off I ordered the wrong colour for my skin as it is too light,but that's my fault.this is an average powder however i have oily skin so not ideal as i need a powder with more coverage.if you have normal to combination skin then i am sure this powder will be fine.

Nail Polish shade 11 -£1
This is a great colour nail polish and dries quick however doesn't suit my skin colour but I just wanted to try it out.

I am really impressed with my products and the brand and I think everyone needs some makeup rumours in there collections.I wasn't expecting much due to the cheapness  but I will be looking out for new products to come as I believe makeup Rumours is a fab brand and deserves to be well talked about !

Thank you again to for letting me have the chance to review your products

go check there website out and shop shop shop !!!

Love Carla x


Tuesday, 19 August 2014


As I am still quite new to blogging I am yet to discover all the tips and tricks that make things more spectacular !

However I discovered Bloglovin and they have a newish App that makes it super easy and convenient for you to follow all your favourite blogs including mine :)

This is great for you to also discover new blogs and see what's trending 

Check out Bloglovin and the app 

Twitter :carlaslifex 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Holiday Toiletries !

Many of us love to get away to a hot country for the summer and, I am going to Greece so here is a few of my essential summer toiletries.

Suntan Lotion - I chose the Piz Buin lotion in factor 15 as I  have used this before and it actually weirdly has a nice smell and is not  too greasy.
Lip Balm - People tend to  forget  protect their lips whilst on holiday but they are just as important as the skin and can still burn. I chose the Balmi moisturising balm which has an SPF 15.every time I go into boots i always see this balm and want to purchase so i finally did.

After sun lotion -To keep your skin moistuiresd and to enhance and fulfill your tan after sun is great also if you get burnt it cools and soothes the skin.Piz Buin is a brand i trust and also the lotion has a tan enhancer.  

 Shaving is a must especially in the summer you always want to be 'beach ready'. I use the Bic Soleil shavers which are fab as leave your legs feeling soft and silky.they are also ideal for underarm,bikini and legs so an overall multi-tasker.


Deodorant is a necessity in the summer time,the one I am using is from the Mitchum Women's new range I have also had the roll on however I personally prefer sprays as they are quicker.The deodorants come in a few different scents I  purchased the shower fresh as who doesn't want to smell shower fresh.Bep!

Travel bottle set was £1 from Primark and was perfect for me to fit my cleanser,toner and moisturiser in instead of taking my full size products.Its still important to stick to your skin care routines abroad as of the heat and the suncream lotions your face will need looking after more.I tend to get the extra pimples due to the heat.

Also I just wanted to throw out there my favorite you tuber I also love her vlog channel shes seems like such a genuine down to earth person and Alyx has the best personality going !

What are you plans for the summer ?

Love Carla x

Sunday, 10 August 2014

H&M Holiday Haul

H&M has some great items in this summer and they are a great price too !
It has been my go to store for my holiday 

These tops are great to wear with skater skirts or shorts and they were only £7.99 each.I love the material because its super flowey which I like as when its hot you don't want your clothes irritating and getting stuck to you eww

I also though these tops were cute and a bit of me ........

H&M have a great collection of skater skirts for £12.99.I am thinking of pairing this with the pink top above or you could wear a crop top.

The left dress was £14.99 and the right £9.99.I am going to wear these over my swimwear to the beach and pool.i really like the left dress and think it would look cute with a Lacey bralet underneath.

That's all for my haul only a few bits but you should check out H&M they have on trend clothes at great prices

what are you wearing this summer ?

Love Carla x


Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Make-up Routine !

In the summer I try to keep my makeup more natural especially if I am having a good skin day,however if I am not here  is what I use ..................
  1. Smashbox photo finish primer - This helps my makeup stay on longer and go on more evenly
  2. collection lasting perfection concealer -Which is super cheap and does a great job to cover up my blemishes or dark circles
  3. Garnier BBcream - If i only want a little bit of coverage,moisturising on the skin and adds a natural looking glow
  4. hello flawless oxygen wow foundation - For days when i do need that extra coverage and is great for oily skin 
    1. .Mac Mineralize skin finish - I live by this powder it covers up shine so well
    2. mac blush in the shade peachykeen - a lovely rosy peach colour and great for summer
    3. benefit high beam - my favourite summer makeup product as adds a natural glow 
    4. sleek contouring and blush palette - I have just been using the highlighter this summer
    1. mac palette - I use brun the darkest one to fill in my eyebrows ,naked lunch and sable if i want an everyday shadow look.
    2. Maybelline the colossal volume express waterproof mascara - this is a great price and makes my lashes super long .i went for a waterproof mascara because when i don't by the end of the day i have panda eyes and look like i have been punched in the face.
    3. Rimmel soft kohl eye liner - i am so bad at applying eyeliner but i do try a little of this on my lower lash
    1. soap and glory nudist gloss stick - this has been my everyday go to lip product and it natural and moisturising .
    2. mac lip stick in chatter box -a great pink for when i feel like some colour 

    1.  I then finish off my makeup with a spritz of my mac studio finish fix spray which completes the face

    what are you wearing on your face this summer ?

    Love Carla x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

July Favourites !

Hai ,Sorry this is a late July favourites but anyway here I go.
Hair Scrunchies - All of a sudden I have become obsessed with these, I usually have my hair tied back because I get so annoyed with it and want to chop it off hah.Anyhow with one of these cute scrunchies it makes the boring pony tail look somewhat sassy and   fun. these scrunchies are all from Primark but they are sold in  most accessories/clothes shops.

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - This soap and glory gloss stick is my go to colour it is in the shade nudist and  is super glossy and moisturising and it stays on the lips for an extreme amount of time without going all bleh.These can be found in boots and other cosmetic stores.

Mac studio plus fix spray - This is a godsend especially in the summer for those of you that have oily skin..join the club bep ! you can use this after applying your makeup or after to set your helps your makeup stay on longer and i use it 24/7 it is a little pricey at £15.50 but the bottle lasts months.
Benefit High Beam - Highlighter is my favourite makeup product for the summer as it makes your face glowing and look healthy.
Bag - I love this bag I got it a few years ago for Christmas and it is a fake Chanel bag seeing as the real ones are thousands.this bag goes with pretty much anything and is a great size.

what were your favourites for July?

Love Carla x