Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Body Shop - Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

'An instant cooling sensation for all day hydration.this silky -soft moisturiser hydrates and refreshes skin with an ultra-light formula'
  • Feels like a burst of freshness on the skin
  • Quenches skin thirst
  • Enriched with wheatgerm oil  

The Body Shop is great because they only source community fair trade organic products.They have a wide range of products and flavors.There mango collection is amazing and perfect for summer. 

Anyway I had been getting dry skin which is unusual for me as I have oily skin,especially around my eyes.My go to moisturiser has been one by the simple collection however it just doesn't have the quench factor.

As I had bought products from body shop before and the skin care was recommend too me.i took a trip to the body shop and this moisturiser is one of there new collections.all i had to do was read the name and I was sold 'aqua boost sorbet' is heaven when you have dry skin as it sounds so hydrating and cool.

I was super excited to try the sorbet out so that evening after my evening skin care routine I went for it and OMG i am not joking i think this is the best moisturiser as soon as i put in on my face it felt so refreshed and hydrated and the next morning my face was still silky-soft.

This is going to be one of my favourite products for summer as it is so helpful to dry skin and it also only costs £12 . 

Here is the link so you have have the words softest face ,Sorbet 
my face always feels soft and it feels healthy as its hydrated and refreshed.

Lots of love Carla x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Favourite Hair Products

Everyone wants luscious luxurious hair but that's hard to achieve ...........however it doesn't have to be with the right products you could be on the runway!

"There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start"-The Aussie philosophy

This is my hair routine after I have washed it  hair, so whilst it is still wet.These are products that I use very often and really do make a difference to my hair.

1. Aussie anti-frizz + conditioning milk - our styling formula helps bring flyaway back into line ,without getting heavy.
I apply about half a pump into my palm,start at my tips and work up.
This product is £4.99 and I love it as its light,keeps my flyways tame and it smells good.

2.Organix renewing Argan oil of morocco penetrating oil -A precious blend of argan oil of morocco which penetrates the hair shaft restoring shin and softness to create silky perfection.
Apply a small amount to the palm,apply to the surface of damp hair and work through to the ends.
The oil is £6.99 and I really like it as it does make my hair super soft and shiny and it also helps strengthen your hair.It also doesn't leave a heavy affect it feels clean.

3.Tangle Teezer -These are perfect for brushing your hair whilst its wet as it is not harsh on the hair and will not cause knots.also great for travelling and on the go as they are a great size and also have a cover so the bristles are protected.its compact and does the job .
These can be found for £10.99 and also in a variety of styles and patterns.

4.Batiste dry shampoo - Most people are aware of dry shampoo and why not its amazing my personal favourite at the moment is the Pixie Lott -fun and floral dry shampoo.
dry shampoo is great for when you don't have time to wash your hair or a mini size to pop into your bag whilst your out to freshen up your hair and also add volume.
At the moment boots have an offer of £1 off so £1.99   
Lots of other brands also sell dry shampoo but batiste is my go to.

what are your go to hair products ?

Lots of love Carla x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Skin Care Routine

This is my Skin Care Routine and I feel these products work for my skin,however everyone has different skin: some only get the occasional breakout whereas others like me have a constant battle with there's.

I am unlucky because I have  oily skin however that may be a plus when I'm older as my skin is always hydrated and moisturized.

Along the years I have tried out many skin care products from cheap to expensive.these products just seem to work well for my skin and i do recommend them all despite they may not work for all.

1.Remove Makeup - This is extremely important and taking your makeup off before going to bed will help your skin stay fresh and un-aged. :I like to use the simple eye makeup remover and cleanser and then I use my simple cleansing facial wipes just to make sure all my makeup is off. 

2.Cleanse - To Cleanse my face I use my simple refreshing gel wash and rinse of with a cleansing sponge.

3.Exfoliate - I only exfoliate my face once a week and for that I use the st Ives apricot scrub which also smells delicious.exfoliate gets rid of any dead skin cells.You can also see that I don't have much product left :(

4.Tone -The toner I use is simple soothing facial toner and i apply this with a cotton pad onto my face.Toner helps to re balance your skin.

5.Moisturiser - Finally moisturising,I use simple kind to skin hydrating moisturiser.This step is important and I do it a few times through out the day to keep my skin nice and soft.

6.Lip Balm - I go through tubes of lip balm a year as I tend to get quite chapped lips so when I do my skin care routine :morning and night. I like to apply a  balm and at the moment my Favorite is the Palmers cocoa butter lip balm.

I cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day, I exfoliate once a week and  apply moisturiser through out the day if needed with lip balm.

All of these products can be found in beauty stores or supermarkets they are also very good priced and do the job for me :)

Lots Of Love Carla x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites!

Hey! So I thought I would start my blog with some of my June favorites,June has been a strange month for the weather here in the UK with some really hot days and others rainy and gloomy. I am so excited to be starting this blog and hopefully some of you are too .....

My favorite book and movie : I absolutely adore my kindle which I got a few months ago as you can keep all your books in one place and not worry about them getting lost or ruined.Anyway I read the book 'The fault in our stars' after hearing so many great reviews about it and I must say they weren't lying it is one of the most moving saddest books I have read and it does get you thinking about life.After reading it I was now super duper eager to see the film,and awwwww it was full of oh so cute moments when you cant help but smile to yourself and also some tissue needed moments if you get what i mean hah. But seriously it does make you wander about your life and make you want to go out and do all the things that make you happy so congrats to John Green for being such an awesome author.

Hello flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup : Personally my skin can tend to get quite shiny through  out the day especially when it's warm.So I went on the hunt for a new foundation that was the perfect colour for my skin and did everything that I wanted it too.I decided to get a sample from my local boots benefit counter to give this a try before plunging in case I was disappointed.
After trying the sample for about a week I was impressed as it was staying on all day and it really did help with the shininess to my skin and I would recommend  it to everyone especially those with oily skin.The foundation also comes in many shades and the benefit workers will match one up for you.

Real Techniques brush : The real techniques buffing brush is splendid I bought this in December in a set but decided to stick to my N07 flat foundation brush.But I decided it was time to give my buffing brush a try and it was so easy to apply my foundation to my skin in circular motions and it gave such a light smoothness finish,also the brush is super soft which is a bonus.

Barry M Gelly nail paint : This nail polish is in the shade Blueberry and I have been wearing it so much it is the perfect colour for spring/summer. The Gelly hi-shine makes it even better as you don't need to apply a top coat.

Viva La Juicy la fleur : Juicy couture perfumes are lovely and the bottles are also gorgeous this fragrance is wonderful for summer as it is so fresh,fruity and sweet.the perfume also seems to last a long time which is great  as I love it so much.

So there's my June favourites ,what are you loving this month?

Lots of Love Carla x

Also remember to do what makes you happy!