Sunday, 14 May 2017

Tangled / PT 2

I'm 2015 I did a blog post labelled Tangled,to sum it up it was about being confused or overthinking.

For a while now I've been feeling really down so I thought I would extend on the subject.

Our feelings and emotional well being are personal and sometimes quite a touchy subject that can be painful to talk about. As we as human beings don't like opening up and being vulnerable.

In my opinion if we all talked about our feelings more often,then some of us may be reassured in knowing it's ok to feel not great, that we're not alone.

Otherwise your left with only your own worries of tangled emotions swishing around in your brain almost like a washing machine spinning around all day long.

I'll be ok and then find myself feeling sad and unfulfilled and questioning every life decision I've made.I compare myself to everyone on social media who is my age and how amazing their careers are as apposed to mine.

Please let me know if you feel even similar in the slightest.

Do you think we should talk about our emotions more ?

Carla X