Saturday, 4 July 2015

Experiencing the London Eye

Seeing as my home town is London. I thought it was about time,after 18 years of my life to finally go on the London eye!

As it was a lovey sunny afternoon we got fast track tickets to the base and only had to wait in line for 10 minutes.We then steped Into our capsule while it slowly moved.

There was about 15 people in our capsule but it's very spacious and plenty of room to walk around.

Everyone walked around taking pictures and admiring the beautiful view.

It's takes 30 minutes for the London eye to reach the ground again.However the time went very quick.For those who have a fear of heights, there is a slight movement but it's very stable and secure 

We then exited and I can finally say I've been on the London eye you can even purchase yourself a medal in the gift shop!

Would you like to experience the London eye ?

Carla x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Exploring Spitalfields

Last Sunday I went to spitalfield market.It was such a lovely little area,with plenty of  shops and cafes when you first hit the village.

The market stalls are ran by amazingly creative personalities.One Of my favourite stalls was Little Smith which sold personalised jewellery. I purchased a pink gold necklace with my initial - as they are made to order you fill out a slip and pop back in 10 minutes. There were so many to choose from I loved the one that said  'once upon a time'.

There is vintage clothing,art work,organic body scrub,hand made clocks and any product you can think of.You really will can get lost in all the creativity!

There's a stall called flavour town bakery and if you love cupcakes I recommend. I had a Nutella vs Oreo cupcakes and it was so delicious!

You can eat as much as you want on a Sunday right ?

On the way out I had a Nutella and banana crepe and we sat on a bench and watched some linzi hop dancing.

I then went home and indulged in the evening with my cupcake

If your ever have a free day go down to Spitalfields.You can have an adventorius day and why not explore to brick lane and shoreditch which are just a short walk away.

What's your favourite market ?

Carla X

Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Day In Camden

Last Sunday I visited Camden and I had a great day in the sunshine !

There's lots to do in Camden from people watching to eating and drinking.

If your not feeling hungry you will be,as soon as your walk through the food market.Theres everything and anything !

You could spend all day,looking around the endless market stalls of vintage unique collections.

Everywhere you turn there is an endless supply of yummy food -
Crepes,pizza,doughnuts and even deep fried Oreos!

It was a Sunny day so we went to the garden bar and had a jug of pimms (to share of course ) 

If you've ever thought about visiting Camden its a great day out :)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday's are about spending time with loved ones.

Spending the day relaxing at home or out exploring the world!

Walking in parks is one of my favourite ways to spend my Sunday's 

Here in the UK the weather is starting to get warmer  .....

So it's nice to get outdoors!

Today I went to Greenwich park with my family and it was a gorgeous sunny day

Greenwich is one of the capitals eight  royal parks 

It has a play area and a small boating area but also lots of Grounds and routes for adults to walk around and explore. 

If you walk through the park you will come across the village which is full of resteraunts and coffee shops.

Greenwich village also has a market open Tuesday through Sunday.It is a historic market surrounded by independant and boutique shops.

The market has food stalls from all around the world and any craving you have.

There are lots of vintage/antique markets which are more hidden.

After you've browsed through the market you will come across the cutty sark which is a British clipper ship.

There's plenty more sights to see and adventures to happen :)

Go outside and explore you will see the world as it's never been seen before

Cara x 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New York

Last month I went to New York and since being  back in the UK,there's not a day I haven't wished  about being back in the city again.

Here are some of the pictures I took on my trip :)




I had the best time in New York and it certainly is the city that never sleeps!

  What's your favourite city ?
    Carla x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How to survive a long flight


Since I went to New York last week and were in the Easter holidays. I thought I would share some of my in flight tips with you to help keep as entertained as possible!

 Im one of those people who can't stay still for too long  as I get irritable and bored extremely quick, I'm like a child 😂

Get comfortable -

When it comes to flying it's definitely comfort before style for me.I usually choose to wear loose fitted clothing so maybe some casual jeans with a t-shirt,converse or slip ons.

A scarf is also useful for when you get a bit cold during the flight although some airlines will provide blankets for over night flights.

If your planning on sleeping maybe a neck pillow will come in handy or you can also use your scarf as a make do pillow.

Prep your entertainment -

Long haul flights will provide you with a TV which you can watch films on.However I like to be prepared for when Bordom strikes.I make sure I've got a good book downloaded on my kindle and that all my devices are charged.
Bring some magazines and sweets and don't forget your headphones in case you want to listen to your latest playlist on your phone. 

Stay hydrated -

It's important to drink lots of fluids on the flight preferably water and best to wear minimale makeup so that you can pop on some moisturiser if your skin gets dry as well as lip balm.

Whilst on a long flight it's important to keep moving so every so often go for a walk up and down the plane even if it's just to use the toilet and keep moving your feet whist your sat down.

Will you try any of these on your next flight ?

Carla x

What's in my bag!


What I carry in my bag depends on where I'm going, but this is what I typically carry around with me daily ..... Although it always changes.

Lets start of with my bag! It's  a beige Celine mini tote and I bought it whilst on holiday last summer.

My phone is an iphone 6 in gold, I can't go anywhere without it.

Purse is ted baker and I've had it a few years and it's still in good condition.

Glasses for when I'm driving or need to see long distances ahead.

 My door keys and car keys are an essential for getting In and about!

Umbrella for British people who know how unreliable the weather is here in the uk.

Body spray at the moment I'm using a Victoria secret one,I just like to have one in my bag in case I need to freshen up a little.

Ted baker makeup bag this is my Mary poppins bag Which always comes in handy :plasters,pain relief,hand gel,hand cream,tampons,tissues,lip balm,powder and concelear.

I also have my headphones,chewing gum and sometimes my kindle or my camera.

What are your handbag essentials ?

Carla x 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Stay Inspired

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up and start the day fresh.

2.Get some exercise,you can relieve stress and feel happy.

3.Make sure your getting at least 8 hours of sleep as you'll have more energy to do what you love.

4.Set your self daily tasks even if there as simple as making your bed.

5.Read it'll keep you inspired and using your imagination.

6.Think about what your gratefull for each day.

7.Take time out to do what makes you happy.

8.Look around and appreciate the world and what's around you.

What inspires you ?

Carla x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

January Favourites


My Car - In January I  passed my driving test woohoo !!  I have a white fiat 500 which I love to pieces.

Dixi moonstone ring - I received this ring for christmas and it's from which has great bohemian style jewerelly at great prices.Mine has a half moon and a trurquoise gem as that's my birth stone /sagitarius.

Water bottle - I always like to take a bottle of water with me when I'm on the go and this Aladdin reusable bottle from tkmaxx is perfect, as it's a great size and it doesn't leak.

Workout bra - I've been trying to excercise more this year and matalan have a great range of workout wear starting from £8.

What have you been loving ?

Carla x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I'm going to be doing a sequel of blog posts #YOU 

All about how to have a good year and doing what's best for #YOU

Hopefully the sequel will help you lean and give you inspiration to be #YOU and for you to be HAPPY 

The first blog post is all about fitness essentials.

Are you Happy ?

Carla x 

Saturday, 24 January 2015


As cliche as this may seem,many of us use A new year  as a time to change.New year,new start and all is a great time to achieve something you've always desired.

Getting healthier is often at the top of many lists,so I wanted to help some of you including myself, get the year of to a good start.

I'm going to do a sequel of posts #YOU starting with workout essentials.

                   So let's get moving 

1.Loose fitted top

When working out its important to feel comfortable, as you don't want to be worrying about what you look like.Many stores are branching out to fitness wear this year including

2.Sports bra 

If your planning on doing cardio then a supportive sports bra is a must.As you'll be supported and able to move more.

3.Sweat top

When you start excercising it's always good to wear some sort of jacket and as you warm up you can take it off.Any comfy sweater is good,however I like to wear my American Eagle hoodie, as it has extra comfort.

4. Supportive trainers 

One of  the most important workout items.Make sure the trainer fits well and if your chosen sport is running check out a sport shop where they can assist you with your purchase.I have Nike free runs and they are so comfy like walking on clouds.

5.Sweat pants 

I personally prefer long or cropped sweatpants rather than shorts whilst working out, and Matalan have a stylish new range starting from £8.


I'm one of those people who get bored every 10 minutes.Having a distraction is important to me.I'll put on my spotfiy playlist and choose something upbeat,which will give me motivation to move faster. 


Keeping hydrated whilst exercising is extremely important,I try to always keep a bottle of water in my bag and there are some great reusable bottles available.

What's your fitness essential ?

Carla x

Thursday, 22 January 2015


- No one can give you wiser advice than yourself -

We all go through a stage in our lives,when we question all that we do.

You feel trapped and confused in your own body.

Are you actually confused?... Probably not!

Our brains muddle up the feeling of confusion with over thinking.This creates the illusion of clarity.

We are more concerned  on the future rather than the present !

                                           Start living in the moment 

I believe that everything happens for a reason,we all need to 'Do more of what makes us happy'!

Life is what you make it,whatever your feeling now it's just an illusion or the result of clarity.
Try to 'shake it off' and realise how lucky you are to be alive.

Believe that something wonderful is going to happen and every day will be amazing 

Think are you confused or just over thinking ?

Carla x

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Origins face mask trio

I received this origins set for my birthday in November and I'd researched the products before hand  and had heard only good about them.

The set was originally £50 but boots had a deal for £28.The kit includes 3x75ml masks which was a super must have for me.

As we go into winter most peoples skin tends to get drier due to being exposed to sunlight.Then it get thrown in at the deep end, is exposed to the nasty cold winter weather and it  can't cope.

Out of trouble - 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin

Calms skin down and reduces redness and inflammation.Its minty and slightly tingly which is relaxing.After washing off my face feels soft and my spots not as appear able.

Drink up intensive - Over night mask to quench skins thirst 

 Massage onto clean skin at bedtime.I love the smell of this mask it's so fresh and fruity and it reminds me of something but I'm not sure what!
This works wonders you'll go to bed with dehydrated dry skin and wake up with hydrated glowing skin.

Clear improvement - Active charcoal mask to clear pores

A great weekly face mask to freshen up and revatalize you skin and soak up shininess 

Have you tried any Origins products ?

Carla x