Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How to survive a long flight


Since I went to New York last week and were in the Easter holidays. I thought I would share some of my in flight tips with you to help keep as entertained as possible!

 Im one of those people who can't stay still for too long  as I get irritable and bored extremely quick, I'm like a child 😂

Get comfortable -

When it comes to flying it's definitely comfort before style for me.I usually choose to wear loose fitted clothing so maybe some casual jeans with a t-shirt,converse or slip ons.

A scarf is also useful for when you get a bit cold during the flight although some airlines will provide blankets for over night flights.

If your planning on sleeping maybe a neck pillow will come in handy or you can also use your scarf as a make do pillow.

Prep your entertainment -

Long haul flights will provide you with a TV which you can watch films on.However I like to be prepared for when Bordom strikes.I make sure I've got a good book downloaded on my kindle and that all my devices are charged.
Bring some magazines and sweets and don't forget your headphones in case you want to listen to your latest playlist on your phone. 

Stay hydrated -

It's important to drink lots of fluids on the flight preferably water and best to wear minimale makeup so that you can pop on some moisturiser if your skin gets dry as well as lip balm.

Whilst on a long flight it's important to keep moving so every so often go for a walk up and down the plane even if it's just to use the toilet and keep moving your feet whist your sat down.

Will you try any of these on your next flight ?

Carla x

What's in my bag!


What I carry in my bag depends on where I'm going, but this is what I typically carry around with me daily ..... Although it always changes.

Lets start of with my bag! It's  a beige Celine mini tote and I bought it whilst on holiday last summer.

My phone is an iphone 6 in gold, I can't go anywhere without it.

Purse is ted baker and I've had it a few years and it's still in good condition.

Glasses for when I'm driving or need to see long distances ahead.

 My door keys and car keys are an essential for getting In and about!

Umbrella for British people who know how unreliable the weather is here in the uk.

Body spray at the moment I'm using a Victoria secret one,I just like to have one in my bag in case I need to freshen up a little.

Ted baker makeup bag this is my Mary poppins bag Which always comes in handy :plasters,pain relief,hand gel,hand cream,tampons,tissues,lip balm,powder and concelear.

I also have my headphones,chewing gum and sometimes my kindle or my camera.

What are your handbag essentials ?

Carla x