Saturday, 5 August 2017

Self Love

Most of my teenage/adult life I'm 21 this year 😱which is so crazy it's scary.I amongst thousands even millions of other people am self conscious.

People are far to busy with their own lives to be looking what your  doing!

I'm always putting my self down about my appearance and comparing myself on social media.

So many things in my life are put on hold,for when I get to my goal weight.Its like I'm expecting to get to a certain weight and become happy and confident! I've been my goal weight before and that was not the case I still wasn't happy with my appearance.

Anyway going off track.As I'm getting older I'm more body conscious than ever,however I have a slightly different outlook and I'm more interested in being fit and healthy.

Whilst I've been away on holiday in Greece,Where I am currently sat around a pool writing this post.

I could be sat around the beach in my swimwear sweating to death as I'm covered up in a towel or I could embrace what I have in my lovely tankini set.

Of course at the back of my mind theirs the devil saying "everyone's looking at you because your huge" when really no ones  looking at me or judging me for what I look like.Or even if they are their judging eyes aren't going to affect my day!

I'm not embarrassed to say that I know I am on the larger side and always admit it in a jokey way that I'm huge but I'm healthy and strong so why am I complaining.

Our bodies are the only ones we're going to have and yes we can change them but maybe their not so bad as they are and we should be proud! 

We're all so harsh on ourselves and should love our bodies more for all the good they 
do for us!

I'm really interested in learning more about self love so if anyone has any tips or book recommendations,I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you 

Carla X

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