Saturday, 26 January 2019

You come across as a doer rather than an achiever.

You come across as a doer rather than an achiever.

These are the words that someone said to me once,they seem to be stuck in my mind.

Are they right ? 
Do I do a lot and not actually achieve results?

What is a doer - the person who does something.A person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.

Associated with positive words - worker,organiser,activist,succeeded and ACHIEVER.

So is it possible to be both a doer and an achiever ?

What is an achiever - a person who achieves a high or specified level of success.

Key words - performer,worker,entrepreneur and DOER.

“In basic terms a doer is someone who simply lists their responsibilities and duties.”

“An achiever reframes those responsibilities into their accomplishments.”

“Doers are practical, but friendly and they usually have a great sense of urgency and like to be in charge. They focus on tasks.”

“An achiever covers quantifiable improvements rather than task focused. They use powerful and compelling content to showcase their shining moments.”

So do I just list me responsibilities and tasks rather than actually putting pen to paper pardon the pun and get out in the world and make shit happen.

The example that comes to mind is Someone that tells everyone that they are going to the gym or a certain exercise class in order to push and give themselves motivation to actually go.As opposed to someone who tells themselves,right tone to go to the gym and off they go,get on with the task and boom they’ve achieved a task off there check list.

I was given the advice from a careers professional who doesn’t know me as a person,but only from my CV.

I can’t help but feel I have taken this sentence to heart.Has it struck a chord with me personally.

I am always going on about getting a good job,making lots of money and being successful.In order to life to the highest and afford an apartment in London.

My latest is that if I haven’t achieved a well paid job by June,1/2 way through the year in order of me just repeating the year with no change.I am just going somewhere away.Do not know for how long or where,but a destination out of the UK.Travelling.

Maybe I need to be more conscious of how I’m spending my time and that I make the most out of it and achieve great results.

What’s your opinion on this ?


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